Q. I've never done a shoot before...what do I do?

A. Most of my clients have never done a shoot before so you’re not alone. Main thing is to just relax and have fun. I will help you along in the process

Q. I don't know how to pose like a model.

A. That’s not a problem at all, that’s why I’m here. I’ll show you poses and give you directions to help you out.

Q. What do i need to bring?

A. That will depend on each shoot. For military glamour I will provide 99% of the gear and outfits. Bring socks. For glamour that will depend on what we do and we will discuss wardrobe. Boudoir I ask that you bring your own lingerie most of the time for sanitary reasons lol.

Q. Do you price match?

A. No

Q. Where do we shoot?

A. I shoot on location 90% of the time and I will be responsible for finding us a location unless you have a particular place in mind. Indoor locations I may ask you to provide a location.

Q. Process for booking a shoot?

A. Process for booking a shoot: tell me what kind of shoot you are interested in… military glamour, glamour, boudoir. Let me know when you are interested in shooting and we will find the most convenient available date and time. After the date is picked I require a Non-refundable deposit of $100 to hold the date (until the deposit is paid the shoot is NOT booked) once the shoot is booked i will find a location we will discuss what you will need to bring. the balance of the cost to shoot will be paid on the day of the shoot at the completion of the session either in Cash, Paypal, or Facebook.

Q. Do I get all the unedited photos as well?

A. No, not at this time. I may provide very low resolution proof copies for you to go through and select which you would like to be edited.

Q. How do i receive the photos?

A. I will send them to you via Dropbox.com.

Q. What are your prices?

A. My rates are located at the bottom of each gallery page.

Q. Where are you located?

A. I am based in San Diego, CA and shoot mainly here and Orange County.

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